Solar Panel Cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Go Green Solar Clean provides an eco-friendly professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance service on the Sunshine Coast.

Our aim is to optimise efficiency, protect your panels and equipment and maximise your systems output. We ensure maximum energy conversion from your solar panel installation.

Solar panel manufacturers recommend cleaning and maintenance of solar panels on a regular basis to improve electrical output, maximise the life of your solar system and reduce the risk of breaching manufacturer and installer warranties.

Australian Standard (AS5033) also states “….that the P.V. array should be cleaned periodically…..”

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Are You Getting the Most From Your Solar System?

Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide a three stage cleaning & maintenance service program, stage one is a comprehensive clean of all surface contaminates from your solar panels to maximise your energy production.


Solar System Servicing

Stage two is a preventative maintenance check of cell condition, racking system, fixings and cable integrity, and in stage three we inspect your system performance to maximise your return on investment.