Why should my solar panels be cleaned?

Solar panel manufacturers recommend cleaning and maintenance of solar panels on a regular basis to improve electrical output, maximise the life of your solar system and reduce the risk of breaching manufacturer and installer warranties.


Will rain clean the panels?

Rainwater may wash some residue dust from your solar panels, like it would on your car, but will not remove mould, mildew, bird and bat droppings, saps, pollens, pollution and ocean salt.


Should I clean the panels myself?

Don’t take the risk of falling from your roof or ladder, damaging your panels or using tap water, which can leave a calcium build-up.  Professional cleaners have the experience, training and equipment to safely work at heights and clean your solar panels.


I was told the solar system was maintenance free?

The system is virtually maintenance free but the panels do get dirty over time.  Keeping your solar panels clean will maximise output, protect your investment, and extend the life of the panels.


How often should the panels be cleaned?

It depends of your location but generally once or twice a year is sufficient to ensure that panels are performing at their optimum.


What does a clean, check and inspect involve?

Your clean, check and inspect will include:

  • Panels cleaned with purified, de-ionised water
  • Inspection of cell condition
  • Inspection of cabling, DC isolator, racking system and fittings
  • System check
  • Energy analysis and report


Will cleaning void my warranty?

It will help to maintain your warranty, as the manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and inspections.


Can you clean my solar hot water panels or skylights?

Yes we can clean your solar hot waters panels and skylights.


Will cleaning affect my rainwater tank?

We do not use any chemicals or detergents, only purified de-ionised water which is safe for your rainwater tank and environmentally friendly.


How much does it cost of clean my solar panels?

We offer professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance from as little as $75.00, as well as pensioner and referral discounts available.  We have also negotiated fixed rates with several gated communities to help keep costs down.