Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean and Save More On Your Electricity Bills!

Our residential and commercial solar panel clean & service includes:

1. A comprehensive solar panel clean
2. A thorough preventive maintenance check
3. A detailed maintenance inspection
4. A full written report of our findings on completion.

In most cases, you will save money by keeping your system clean and maintained which means the benefits will pay for this service and put money back in your pocket.

Don’t risk injuries by falling off your roof, damaging your panels or voiding warranties by letting your maintenance lapse. Let a professional take care of your solar system.  You’d be crazy not to do it!

More Details on Our Solar Panel Clean & Service:


Go Green Solar Clean uses advanced state of the art equipment in our unique cleaning system that ensures a perfect clean every time. This system is safe for your solar panels and friendly to the environment.

Here are some of the benefits of our solar panel cleaning system:

  • Uses 100% de-ionized purified water, this leaves no spotting or residue from mains water supply
  • Safe for rain water storage systems
  • No detergents or harmful chemicals
  • Minimal water usage (1/2 litre per panel.)
  • Water fed wash pole with scratch free brush head
  •  Removal of the following list of contaminants will significantly impact on the efficiency of your solar panels ability to perform at its maximum power production.
    • Dirt and dust build up.
    • Bird and Bat faeces.
    • Saps and Pollen.
    • Moss, mould and mildew.
    • Salt water crystallization, which is prevalent in coastal areas.
    • Mains water mineral deposits as a result of hosing your panels.
    • Industrial and commercial residues.
    • Carbon and soot from vehicles and heavy transport exhaust.


Once your solar panels have been thoroughly cleaned, we will conduct a comprehensive maintenance check of your system.

The check includes a visual inspection of the panels for cell bed defects such as hotspots, browning, fractures and delamination, which are all potential warranty concerns. The defects are a concern for warranty claims, however they also have an impact on the efficiency of your solar panels’ ability to perform at its maximum power production.

We also check the racking system and fittings for corrosion, degradation, loose attachments, as well as the cable and junction box integrity. If an issue is identified, we can arrange for our solar accredited electrical technician to rectify the concern. Of particular concern are any loose or corroded electrical connections or cables, as the high voltage direct current produced by your solar panels can be a potential fire risk.

The information that has been collected during our visit will be logged into our database so that we can use this data for future reference and for the development of long term trends with your solar systems’ performance. This all adds peace of mind and assurance that we are working to extend the life of your solar array.


The main purpose of the inspection is to analyse the data from your systems smart meter and inverter and calculate the overall performance in terms of percentage of household usage and export back to the grid.

With this information, we will talk you through your systems performance and identify opportunities to improve your household’s energy efficiency, and maximise your return on investment.

As a part of our service, we will take the time to explain how your system works, how to read the data that is provided and identify changes in the system performance that may require action from our skilled team.

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